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With over 10 years of experience behind us, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about electrical services. In fact, we are recognized by our clients as one of the premier electrician companies in London.

This is down to a number of factors. Most importantly, it is because of our team of expert electricians.

On top of this, we’re not restricted in the services we offer. The main ones include:

  • Electrical installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Electrical testing
  • Electrical fault finding

By covering so many different aspects in the electrical spectrum, we can assist as many customers as possible. After all, we know no two clients’ electrical needs are exactly the same. One client may require a brand new electrical installation complete with an EICR, while another could require assistance with identifying the issue behind a plug socket not working.

By supplying a large range of solutions, we can also help customers with making important decisions on everything from emergency repairs to upgrades. Our knowledge and expertise also enable us to help customers settle on the decisions that will work best for their situation.

Serving London and the surrounding areas

JLM Electrical Solutions is one of the best electrical contractors London has to offer. This isn’t our words by the way – we’re simply repeating the feedback and comments from our customers.
As a local company in London, we are ready to serve all local clients in the capital and surrounding areas. We work in an assortment of industries, helping everyone from landlords to those operating retail stores.

While the quality of our work speaks for itself, this is only one of the reasons why we have built a strong reputation and client list over the years. This element is supported by our affordable and competitive pricing. We’re always reasonable when coming up with quotes for our services, so you’re never spending an unreasonable amount.

Most importantly, at least from our point of view, is that we ensure every customer is delighted with the service they receive. Our electricians are always friendly and understanding, and this is the basis for ensuring our level of customer satisfaction is unparalleled.


All Electrical Services

Testing And Inspection

Electrical testing is one of the main areas of expertise we focus on at JLM Electrical Solutions. Simply put, it’s imperative that your electrical installations and appliances are tested. Not only does it demonstrate your electrical systems are safe and in the right shape, but it also ensures you’re on the right side of the law.

The importance of an EICR

An EICR, also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report, is essentially mandatory to cover your electrical installation. Okay, it might not necessarily be a legal requirement to have an EICR, but many legal documents specify this report as being one that satisfies their requirements. An example of these requirements is The Electricity at Work Act. Along with residential households needing an EICR for electrical installations, commercial properties – from retail stores to hospitals – also need the report.

Not only that, but you’ll struggle to receive any coverage for your property from insurers without an EICR. If you’re missing insurance, this might result in you having to cover all costs if an employee or customer suffers from electrocution on your premises. Plus, if you are a landlord and your tenant were to be electrocuted because of unsafe electrics – the type that would be picked up by an EICR – you could end up being prosecuted.

Thankfully, our team of expert electricians can help with your EICR needs. Our service is renowned for its effectiveness and accuracy, and this means your operation will only experience minimal disruption at most.

Electrical PAT test

When it comes to gaining an electrical test certificate, one of the most common ones is the PAT certificate. PAT, which stands for Portable Appliance Testing, is where electrical-based equipment and appliances are examined to guarantee they are safe to use. It is recommended that PAT is carried out on an annual basis.

It’s fair to say that the majority of electrical safety defects can be identified via a visual examination. For other defects, however, they can only be spotted via testing, which is where PAT comes into play.

However, you don’t want this testing to be done by any electrician you find. You want it to be completed by an experienced, fully-qualified electrician that knows all the ins and outs about PAT and other tests. They should also be supported by cutting edge electrical testing equipment, the type that ensures all examinations are completed to the best possible standard.

The good news is that’s exactly what JLM provides.

Other electrical tests

EICR and PAT are among the most common electrical-based tests. However, we are one of the most acclaimed companies in the electrical sector for a reason: we always go above and beyond. We never cut corners, and this is particularly the case with regards to our testing approach.

At JLM, we offer an extensive range of electrical tests, inspection, and compliance services. These include:

  • RCD testing
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Emergency light testing
  • Central heating testing
  • Remedial works
  • Thermal image survey

These are carried out across a wide range of sectors. From landlords to educational institutes, we supply electrical testing for a range of clients that require assistance.

Contact JLM for all your electrical testing needs

If you’re based in London or the surrounding area, your search for an electrical tester is over. At JLM, we offer a level of experience and expertise that few other companies in our sector can match.

Of course, electrical testing is only a small part of what we do at JLM. We cover all aspects of electrical work, from regular maintenance to electrical installations, so if you need any assistance or would like more information about the services we offer, simply phone or send us a message today.

Electrical Installation

At JLM Electrical Solutions, we cover every aspect of electrical contracting work for businesses across London and further afield. This includes a comprehensive electrical installation process. Whether it is for a refurbishment project or a new office build, our team of expert electricians will ensure the installation is completed in a swift and professional manner.

The installation process

To maintain our reputation as one of the leading electrical installation companies in the country, we always go with a detailed and thorough approach for each project.

The process begins with a site visit and client consultation. We’ll inspect the site and understand what type of installation you require. Each project is different, of course, and can incorporate a wide variety of systems and solutions. These include:

  • Electrical rewires
  • Power and lighting installations
  • Electrical mains distribution panels
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Security systems
  • Card access systems

Once this is decided and the client is happy with the quote, our electricians truly get to work. We will prepare site drawings that detail the work that will be completed. Our team then begins building and preparing the electrical installation.

Even when the installation is done, our work isn’t complete. We go with a comprehensive electrical installation testing method, which ensures that everything is working as expected. This is then followed up by an inspection and certification.

At the project’s completion, we provide the client with maintenance manuals and advice on how to work the electrical system without issue.

Why JLM is the best option

If you require an electrical installation, look no further than JLM. With more than 14 years of experience in the electrical trade, we have perfected our craft while keeping up-to-date with the latest systems and developments. Many London businesses have benefited from our work and expertise.Whether it is a retail store or one in the health care sector, we guarantee your business can continue to operate safely, smoothly, and with limited disruption.

At JLM, we can successfully complete any electrical installation project thrown our way. From small installations to major projects in apartment buildings, we can handle any work regardless of its size and complexity.

Whether you require a complete range of installation services, from design and planning to electrical wire installation or a single service, get in touch with JLM today. You can always rely on us for unparalleled customer service and professionalism for your electrical installation needs.

Electrical Maintenance

When an electrical install is completed, you might believe the work is done. However, it is essential that electrical maintenance is carried out when needed. It doesn’t matter whether the electrical installation is new or within an existing building; maintaining electrical equipment is necessary for two main reasons: to meet current regulations and ensure everything is safe.

When it comes to electrical maintenance, JLM Electrical Solutions is here to help. Our team of professional electricians possesses many years of experience, which means they have the skills and knowledge to carry out whatever electrical-based task that is placed in front of them.

The importance of electrical maintenance

It might surprise you just how many properties require an electrical upgrade. If a building hasn’t been rewired in the past 25 to 30 years, for example, it is highly probable that it will need to be renovated in some way. If left for too long, the building’s electrics will only further deteriorate and cause a larger headache down the line.

At JLM, we are thorough when checking to see if your electrical installations are in perfect working shape. This is helped by performing an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This report sees us test each electrical installation in your property. The result: it can provide assistance for us in terms of identifying any existing wiring that’s considered dangerous.

We don’t just stop with the EICR, either. We can perform many other forms of electrical testing, ensuring your appliances and electrical installs are performing as expected.

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to keep your electrics in tip-top shape. After all, there’s an increased dependence on machinery and computers for virtually every business. If even one element in an electrical system were to fail, it could cause your company to suffer from costly data loss or extensive downtime.

Why JLM is the choice for electrical maintenance

Whether you’re a landlord that requires your property to receive a passing grade for your electrical installation or a business owner that wants to ensure your systems are functioning correctly, JLM is here to assist with your electrical maintenance.

With over 14 years of experience behind us, you can be safe in the knowledge you’ll receive a professional service from a specialist electrical maintenance engineer. Each team member is well-versed in all rules and local regulations, while their expertise will ensure your electrical installations don’t fail.

For proof of our work regarding all things electrical, you only have to look at the glowing testimonials from our past customers. If you need assistance with electrical maintenance – or any other service – don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us help.

Electrical Fault Finding

In the majority of cases, electricity faults are visible ones, which makes finding the fault a relatively simple task. Yet this isn’t the case for other faults. Sometimes you will require expert assistance in not just identifying the fault, but also rectifying it before it becomes a bigger issue.

The issue of electrical faults

The bad news is that electrical faults can occur at any time. Whether it is a blown fuse or tripped circuit, it can leave your property without power or lighting. While this can lead to an uncomfortable situation for affected households, a loss of power could be catastrophic for a business that always needs their systems up and running.

It’s also important that any electrical problems are dealt with as soon as possible. While they can tend to be small and relatively unimportant, certain issues have the potential to be serious and ultimately dangerous. Have you been noticing certain problems with your circuits, sockets, or lighting? If so you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Us.

Finding electrical faults

At JLM, electrical fault finding is one of the main services we offer. We know how disruptive these faults can be for organisations, and we also understand they’re not always the easiest to identify and correct. Fortunately, our highly-skilled, experienced electricians have all the tools and knowledge to identify – and repair – any faults thrown in their direction.

Fortunately, most electrical faults stem from blown fuses, fuse board problems, tripped RCDs, lighting faults, and nuisance tripping. These types of issues are not only found by our electricians in a swift fashion, but they can also be rectified within the same visit to your premises.

Even with the speed of our work, we don’t rush through the process we always start with an initial inspection of the affected circuit. This inspection will check for loose connections and signs of dampness or burning. If no notable faults are detected, we move on with our comprehensive fault finding test. This test utilises specialist calibrated equipment, which will bring forward any previously undetectable electrical faults.

Once the problem has been identified, we will propose a solution that will resolve the issue. If you agree with the solution, we will carry out the repair and ensure your electricals are working as good as new.

Why JLM is your best fault finding option

At JLM, we supply a comprehensive fault finding service that can have your business safe again and back up and running as normal. Due to our industry expertise and years of experience, we have the ability to design tests that find electrical faults in as little time as possible.

Once identified, we explain the issue, present a solution, and then take the right course of action to fix the problem.


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